Lyndal Ihle

Ordinary Miracles

I am interested in people and deeply moved by their personal stories, especially their resilience, humour and creativity in difficult or traumatic circumstances. Who needs a fictional movie when you can watch an inspiring true story?!

I have titled my webpage ‘Ordinary Miracles’ because of the beauty of nature and the ordinary, yet amazing, things people do every day.

I like to create and play which usually ends up in mess! However, people are more important to me than material things…and definitely more important than housework! I believe we learn most when we are curious and playful.

About me… hmm…

let me think for a moment.

I have always had a good imagination and been interested in the therapeutic benefits of creative arts. This November I will complete an Advanced Diploma of Counselling in Therapeutic Arts and have previously completed a Bachelor of Arts in Literature & Media.

I am very excited to be having my first children’s picture book published titled ‘A Rainbow of Fun’ and are particularly passionate about the Reflections & Activities page at the back designed for parents, counsellors and teachers.

I love yoga, singing, writing, animals, rainbows, dressing gowns and slippers, and curling up in front of an open fire.
I live in Melbourne’s outer east with my husband, our two beautiful children aged 5 and 7 and our many furry and feathered friends. As a family we like going to parks, waterslides and playing board games.

Thanks for visiting my page and I wish you ‘A Rainbow of Fun’!

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