Maybe that was true of most pigs, but Penny was different. Her love of mixed colours brought her class dance display to a standstill. It could have been a disaster, but Penny discovered someone else who shared her rainbow of fun. A Rainbow of Fun is a story about love, courage, and rainbow underpants.

I love this book! Full of beautiful illustrations and a therapeutic, inspiring story about finding who you truly are and shining brightly! The support notes for caregivers, teachers and mental health professionals are also full of practical suggestions based on the latest brain science.

Sian Chambers-Vallance - Clinical Play Therapist & Creative Counsellor

This is a book that children, parents, grandparents and educators will return to again and again. With gentleness and humour, Lyndal addresses issues of belonging, conformity, difference and self-expression. In addition, it provides resources and conversation starters to assist children and caregivers to further explore individuality, self-worth and acceptance.

Highly recommended by Merril Darling - Educator, Author & Therapeutic Arts Counsellor

As a teacher and a mum, I love the story of Penny and her rainbow spirit. I love how Lyndal empowers children to be brave, resilient and true to themselves. In the classroom, the book is a gorgeous and funny springboard for teaching a range of topics, from colours, rainbows and animals to courage, individuality and belonging. At home, it would be a lovely reminder to my children that they are perfect just the way they are, regardless of what others think. What an endearing and hilarious story!

Caroline Schaap - Kindergarten & Primary Teacher

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A rainbow of fun comes with a range of resources for parents and teachers to use to engage children after completing the book.